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Q: Joe Frank: Hey Jim...I've got these two skylights in my livingroom ceiling and any time it rains & the wind blows,it seeps in around them. When it rains and the wind ain't blowing,it don't seep. What can I do short of calling a roofer ?
A: Jim: Without looking at it, it will be hard to say. You may be able to use silicone, to try and seal around where you are seein the seepage. You do need to take care of the problem, it will lead to major problems later on.

Q: jackson: where are u located
A: Jim: South West Arkansas. Serving North West Louisiana And South West Ark. Thanks

Q: willis beene: Jim, I buy crickets and shiners at your store. I have a place on Lake Erling. I have some plumbing problems. Do you do that?
A: Jim: Hello Mr. Beene , Yes , call me we will set up a time for me to come look at your problems. And thanks very much. Jim Harvey JHI "LLC"

Q: Frankie: are you insured,and do you have lic. ?
A: Jim: Yes Frankie, We are lic. and ins. up to a million dollars, wouldn"t work on anybody"s place of residence without it. would you? It amazes me there is so many out there now that don"t have either,be sure your contractor does. Thank you James Harvey..

Q: Mavis: Jim, I was wondering if you could build me an outhouse. My mother in law, who was raised old school & just moved in with us, has never had a bathroom in her house & refuses to use ours ! What do you think one would cost ? Thanks
A: Jim: this sounds like a question from my son to me !!!

Q: Bud: Hey Jim...I just stumbled onto your site and you look like a guy who knows what's going on. What is the EASIEST thing you can use to take varnish off kitchen cabinets ? Thanks.....
A: Jim: There is a product you can get, called Strip Ease. To me it is the simplest and easiest way to take varnish off of your cabinets, I have ever used .Thanks! Call me I will work you in.

Q: Sally Sue: Hey Jim, I like ur website. I have a "pier and beam" house and need to replace the linoleum. Do you suggest Ceramic on pier and beam or wood laminate? Thanks so much.
A: Jim: Laminate is ok for wood floors. Ceramic may tend to crack, from expansion and contraction. Thats my opinion. Thanks alot , let me know what ya,ll choose.

Q: Brad Wright: I recently just moved into a new house and the front door doesn't seem to catch in the latch just right. Is there anything I can do to fix it myself rather than call a carpenter? Thanks.
A: Jim: Yes, take a look at the striker, located on door jam where door latch hits it . Probably it is too low or too high, may need to be moved to aline with plunger. If so when you take the striker off, put some small pieces of wood in the screw holes to be able to rescrew stricker in right spot, mark where plunger hits door jam to line up striker plate. Thanks for the question, really good one. Let me know how it comes out. If i can be of more assistance, email me, Thank You, Jim.

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